Colonial Heights Trash Collection will be completed this evening, Thursday, April 1, 2021

VA-ColonialHeights , General Notifications

Colonial Heights trash should all be collected by the end of the day today.  Meridian Waste will be in the City past the 7pm timeframe, and hope to complete all City collections between 8:00 and 8:30pm.  

The City Government Offices are closed tomorrow due to the City Holiday.  Please contact Central Virginia Waste Management Authority at (804)425-0500 for any missed collections.  They will be open tomorrow and will be able to get Meridian back to get anything that was missed, before the start of the weekend. 

For Bulk Trash Collection services, please contact Central Virginia Waste Management Authority at 804-425-0500 for scheduling your pick up. You can also use the online form to report bulk collections and service issues. A link is available on the City's Website in the News Section of the home page and in the related post on the City's Facebook page.

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